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Owning a car around the Tri-Cities area can really come in handy, but sometimes, having to take it in for routine maintenance may be a hassle. At Camp Chevrolet, we totally understand that, so we will meet you in the middle and make it easy for you to get the basic maintenance for your car. Instead of driving down to our service center and waiting for hours until your car’s oil can be changed, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time online in just 5 steps! We will get you in and out of our dealership in 1 hour tops. Find out more below! 


Why Keep Up With Spokane Oil Change Services? 

Most drivers are aware that they will need a certified oil change near Spokane according to their OEM recommended schedule, but they may not know why it is so important to keep up with them. Whether you are a daily commuter or you drive only once a week, the motor oil breaks down over time, so it becomes less effective at lubricating your car engine’s moving parts. In other words, there will be more friction, which results in a higher temperature for your engine. An overheated engine can be dangerous and cause severe damage to your car’s components, which includes excess wear and tear or warped components. However, you can easily prevent all of this by getting your Deer Park oil changes on time! 

How Frequent are Deer Park Oil Changes & How Long Do They Take? 

Trying to take the best care of your Chevrolet vehicle, but can’t remember how often your car will need oil changes near Post Falls, Idaho? In general, it is usually once every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, but for accuracy, you should check your owner’s manual as each model differs. In addition to your model, there are other factors that will affect how often an oil change near Spokane is needed, such as whether your car requires synthetic or conventional oil, your driving habits, and how often you drive. Our service technicians will be able to help you figure out your frequency if you’d like. While it may seem quite frequent, the good news is that this service only really takes 1 hour at the most

Why Go to Your Local Dealership for Auto Oil Services? 

Going to your local Chevrolet certified dealership, such as Camp Chevrolet, for oil changes has an edge over going to a general car mechanic or doing it yourself. Here are some exclusive perks: 

  • Our service technicians know your Chevrolet models inside and out, so they will be able to complete this service properly.
  • They will also only use genuine GM parts as the oil filter will need to be replaced the same time you’re visiting Camp Chevrolet for a Deer Park oil change. 
  • Camp Chevrolet has service specials constantly, so you will be able to save on oil change costs while enjoying high-quality care that your vehicle deserves to stay running like-new. 
  • We also honor any existing OEM parts warranty that your GM vehicle may have. 

Schedule Your Oil Change Near Post Falls, Idaho in 5 Easy Steps

In addition to our experienced team that can get the oil change near Spokane done quickly, you can get this process started by setting up your appointment online in these steps: 

  1. If this will be your first time getting auto services at Camp Chevrolet, you will need to enter some information about your car, such as make, model, year, transmission, and mileage. While you don’t need to enter all of the information we are asking for, our service technicians can help you better with as much relevant detail as possible!
  2. If you’ve already gotten Spokane oil changes or other services from us, you can locate your car records using your contact information or your existing account with us.
  3. Then, select the service your car needs, which will be an oil change near Post Falls, Idaho in this case. 
  4. State whether you’ll be waiting at our center during the oil change services or not. 
  5. Lastly, choose the best date and time for your appointment as well as the technician you want to work on your car if you have a preference. 

When it is time for your visit, bring your vehicle to us and we will take care of the rest for you. 

Get All of Your Future Spokane Valley Oil Changes at Camp Chevrolet 

Get ready for your Spokane oil changes online right now! Contact us with any questions and feel free to learn more service information if you want to see how else you can keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.


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