2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

Comparing the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV vs. 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV
2022 Chevy Bolt EV


2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

Starting MSRP

259 EPA-estimated mi

Electric Range on a Full Charge

247 EPA-estimated mi
200 hp


200 hp
Not offered

Super Cruise™

5 Passengers

Seating Capacity

5 Passengers
36 inches

Rear Seat Legroom

39.1 inches
163.2 inches

Exterior Length

169.5 inches

Dual-Level Charge Cord

57 cubic feet

Maximum Cargo Volume

56.9 cubic feet

Chevy’s current lineup has one electric car though it is available in two models known as the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. So what are the differences between the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV? Think of the Bolt EV as the more affordable model that covers all the bases, whereas the Bolt EUV has more advanced performance features and a longer wheelbase that has more legroom for those in the backseat. Neither one is necessarily better than the other, but you will probably find one to be more ideal for your drives in Tri-Cities! Learn more about the distinctions in the following 2022 Bolt EUV vs. EV.


2022 Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV: Dimensions

While both models might seem similar at first glance and almost share the same name, you will notice a major difference when looking at them closely in person: their length. The Chevy Bolt EUV is longer in length, giving a more of an SUV feel and offering a bit more legroom for those in the rear seats. Besides the increase in exterior length and rear legroom, the dimensions of the new Bolt EV vs. EUV are essentially the same, providing almost the same cargo space and exterior height. If you want everyone, including your passengers in the back, to feel comfortable on the Spokane Valley roads, then you might want to consider the EUV model! See the dimensions for yourself here:

2022 Chevy Bolt EV

  • Exterior Length: 163.2 inches
  • Exterior Height: 63.4 inches
  • Wheelbase: 102.4 inches
  • Rear Legroom: 36 inches
  • Maximum Cargo Volume: 57 inches

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

  • Exterior Length: 169.5 inches
  • Exterior Height: 63.6 inches
  • Wheelbase: 105.3 inches
  • Rear Legroom: 39.1 inches
  • Maximum Cargo Volume: 56.9 inches

2022 Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV: Electric Performance

Another highlight about these models is their performance. The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV has more electric range than the EUV while the EUV offers the dual-level charge cord standard and the available Super Cruise™, which is the hands-free driving mode. Again, there are subtle differences in the performance department as well, but when it comes to just specs, both electric cars share the same horsepower and have an awfully similar 0 to 60 mp time. This means that not one model is more powerful than the other – it’s more so about whether you want more electric range or advanced features like the Super Cruise™ in Post Falls.

Check out the electric performance highlights for the Chevy Bolt EUV vs. EV below:

2022 Chevy Bolt EV

  • 200 hp
  • 259 EPA-estimated mi of electric range on a full charge
  • Takes 6.5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph
  • Available Dual Level Charge Cord
  • Super Cruise™ not offered

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

  • 200 hp
  • 247 EPA-estimated mi of electric range on a full charge
  • Takes 7.0 seconds to go from 0-60 mph
  • Standard Dual Level Charge Cord
  • Available Super Cruise™ (Hands-Free Driving)

2022 Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV: Pricing

The pricing reflects these subtle distinctions between the Bolt EUV and EV clearly, which is why both models have a similar starting MSRP:

  • 2022 Chevy Bolt EV: $31,500 MSRP
  • 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV: $33,500 MSRP

The slight increase in Bolt EUV’s starting MSRP speaks for the standard features, which would’ve needed upgrading and addition costs to get in the Bolt EV. Of course, if you want to enjoy hands-free driving via the available Super Cruise™, you’ll find the Bolt EUV pricing to be reasonable! At Camp Chevrolet, we have specials and a knowledgeable team of finance specialists to help you secure either the EV or EUV version at a favorable price tag.

Experience the Chevy Bolt EV & EUV at Camp Chevrolet Today!

Regardless of which version you like more, you will find the model at Camp Chevrolet. Reach out today for a test drive in Spokane to see which one you like better and we will work out the build and price for you!


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